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The following conditions apply to the use of the Jordrig. com website (“Jordrig. com”,”the site”). They can be modified at any time based on changes or additions made on the site. By accessing the Jordrig. com website, you agree to know and comply with these conditions of use and to inform you of any additions or changes. If you do not agree with these terms, you should not use the services on this site. The last amendment of these conditions was made on 06 August 2013. User “,” you “: any user using the Jordrig.com website.

1. License

Jordrig.com’s website includes data, information, images, images, photographs and other materials shall remain the property of Jordrig. com and/or the users of the site. As a user of our services, you are subject to these conditions. You can send and view information that is made available to users by Jordrig. com users. But in order to protect you and other users of the Jordrig. com website, you may not partially or completely reproduce the site, whether on a server or elsewhere. It is not possible to divulge or redistribute to third parties any data obtained on the Site. You may not sell, modify or produce derivative works of information provided on the Site or remove or alter any copyright or other material reference to any of the Materials, protection, or copyright. Jordrig. com reserves all rights not expressly notified in the following paragraph. When you submit information on this site, it gives Jordrig Media the irrevocable, universal and royalty-free license to reproduce, modify, display, distribute or publicly perform all works of this information to use the site, and redistribute this information to third parties as part of site maintenance and development. You can modify any information belonging to you entered on the site at any time.

2. The Jordrig.com website

Jordrig.com is a website where users have the opportunity to exchange information. The site does not release or sell the information and products or services described in the advertisements. Jordrig. com is not able to verify the quality, legitimacy and truthfulness of any information, product or service put on the site and therefore it is probable that you will be confronted with content that could be indecent, shocking or repellent. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for all information provided on the Site and that you agree to comply with applicable laws and regulations. You can only enter information on the site within the strict limits of your legal rights.

3. Warranty

Jordrig.com disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, content, legitimacy, operation, reliability and availability of the information or other data displayed in any result obtained by the site services. Jordrig. com declines all responsibility for the deletion, inability to store, improper or incorrect transmission of information and data. Jordrig.com declines all responsibility for any damage resulting from the downloading or use of data or information available on the Internet through the services of the site. The services of the Jordrig. com website are released without warranty. Jordrig. com excludes from all applicable laws any explicit, implicit and legal warranties that may apply, as well as without any restriction any guarantee of commercial success, adaptation to a particular object and non-infringement of property rights. Jordrig. com excludes all guarantees regarding the safety, reliability, timeliness and performance of the site services. Jordrig. com does not provide any guarantee for any information or advice obtained during the use of the site services. Jordrig. com does not make any warranty about the products or services, or the promotion of which is made through the services of the website or through the links that are present, or for any information or advice received through the links present in the Site Services. By using the services of the Jordrig. com website, you represent that you understand and agree to use or download information or data on the site in your sole discretion and at your own risk and that you remain the sole and exclusive responsible for any damage that may be caused to the computer system as well as any losses that may result from the use or downloading of such information or data.

4. Limits of Liability

Jordrig.com cannot be held responsible to a user for any improper use or use of the site’s services. For any other indication that may be made in connection with this Agreement, the limits of liability will apply automatically to avoid any claim for direct or indirect damages. These limitations of liability apply regardless of the cause of the damage, as well as damages caused by goods or services received through the services of the Jordrig. com website or links that are thus present. These liability limits also apply to costs incurred in purchasing goods and services, loss of data or profits. These limits of liability apply to the performance of the site services or of the goods or information appearing in the results presented at Jordrig. com. These limits of liability shall apply in the event of failure to comply with the essential objective of proper remedies, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. Jordrig. But it can not be held responsible for any loss of performance or delays due to natural disasters or any other situation beyond its control.

5. Personal information collected

Jordrig.com uses the information collected in accordance with its personal data policy. By using the Jordrig.com website, you declare that you agree to these terms of use with respect to your personal data.

6. Your relationship with Jordrig.com

There is no contract or partnership between Jordrig.com and you. You cannot suggest that the site accepts your ads, services, products or yourself.

7. Inserting Announcements

Only the first advertisement for a period of 3 days is free of charge. You then need to purchase a package either individually or as a periodical subscription to be able to post ads.